1.       How do I get a copy of the compilation?

In order to receive a copy of the compilation and the great stories in it, you must make a donation to Toys for Tots through their website and then forward the receipt to our email address. We’ll then send you a confirmation alerting you that you’re on our list to receive the compilation. Toys for Tots accepts donation via credit card and Paypal.

2.       How much money should I donate?

Toys for Tots has no minimum donation amount on their site, however we have set the minimum donation at $5 to receive the compilation. However, any amount in excess of that will also be greatly appreciated.

3.       When are donations due by?

      We are cutting off donations at 11:59 EST December 24, 2013. All donations made prior to that time, with a copy of the receipt mailed to us, will receive their compilation. Please forward receipts to: christmaswishest4t@yahoo.com

4.       When will I receive a copy of the compilation if I’ve donated money?

In the spirit of the season, compilations will begin distribution right after midnight on Christmas.

1.       How do I sign up to write for Christmas Wishes?

On our blog there is a sign up form for any authors who want to write for our compilation. Just fill it out, let us know what kind of story you’d like to write and we’ll send you an email to let you know that you’re on our list.

2.       What can I write for the compilation?

We’re accepting oneshots, outtakes, future-takes and alternate POVs of chapters, including the first chapter of a new multi-chapter story, but we do ask that you wait until after the posting deadline before you post the rest of the story. Original fiction will also be welcome.

3.       When are submissions due?

We ask that you email your story to us by no later than 11:59 EST December 15, 2013. If you have any problems meeting this deadline please let us know. Some leeway has been added to allow for some late submissions due to extenuating circumstances.

4.       What format should my submission be in?

We will accept stories in any format (Word, gdocs, ODT, etc.), however we do request that the story not be in a zip file. The whole compilation will be distributed as a PDF file. Please send all submissions to : christmaswishest4t@yahoo.com

5.       Can I add a banner to my story?

Yes, please do. Please email the banner as a separate attachment when making your submission, in order to facilitate creating the final PDF. Please include your banner as a separate link when submitting your story.

6.       Will I receive a copy of the compilation?

Yes, all writers will receive a copy of the completed compilation when it is distributed to all who have made a donation.

7.       Can I share my copy of the compilation with others once I receive it?

The purpose of the compilation is to raise money for a worthwhile charity. We would ask that you DO NOT share the compilation with anyone who did not make a donation in some way. It isn’t fair to those who went the extra mile to open their hearts and their wallets to either contribute a submission or make a donation. While we have little control over this aspect, it is our request that nothing be shared until after the compilation has been opened for posting to individual fanfiction profiles.

8.       When can I post my story to my own fanfiction account/blog/website?

We ask that you wait until January 25, 2014 before posting your story to your own account. This will allow all who donated the opportunity to enjoy exclusive access to the stories.

9.       What can I write about?

You can write whatever you want for any fandom you want, including original fiction. We do ask that your story meets minimum standards of grammar and spelling and HIGHLY recommend the use of a beta. We wish to put forth a quality compilation. If the story contains any controversial or sensitive material, please include appropriate warnings in the header. All stories will be screened for inappropriate material prior to their inclusion in the compilation. If we feel that a story has breached the grounds of common decency, we reserve the right to refuse to include it within the compilation. Stories that involve rape, bestiality, pedophilia or abuse will not be included. It certainly won’t upset us if you choose to theme your contribution around the holiday season.

10.   Can I add an A/N to my story?

If you would like to include an A/N or any additional information relevant to your story, then please highlight this to facilitate it being presented separate from the main body of the story.

11.   I don’t write, but I’m a bannermaker. Can I also contribute?
      Absolutely! We realize that not everyone’s talents lean towards wordsmanship. If you create a banner for a submitted story, make sure that the Admin team knows about it, so we can ensure you also receive your copy of the compilation.