Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Giving Tuesday

 Thrilling Thursday, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday have ended and now you’re sitting pretty knowing that your kids are going to have the most amazing Christmas. You can see in your mind’s eye the looks on their faces when they open their presents and cheer to the heavens that you got them exactly what they wanted. You’re sitting back, drinking your coffee with a smile from ear to ear at the happiness you know they are going to experience.
Only one thing right this moment can bring you down and it’s the memories of what you did to give your kids their perfect Christmas. You bailed on Thanksgiving to get the doorbusters at the stores that opened Thursday evening. You missed putting your precious angels to bed to hit up the next place on the long list of stores. Twelve hours later, you fall into bed for much needed rest only to get back up and start getting ready for Cyber Monday. In three days you have saved hundreds of dollars.
Now what?
Time to make things right with Karma, that’s what.
While you might not have shanked Hoss or bludgeoned Grandma, you did fall pray to the most common of sins... Greed. What is the best way to make things right with your personal Karma God? You take time to think about and give back to those less fortunate than you. There are mothers all over the world crying themselves to sleep at night wondering how they are going to do anything for their kids for Christmas.
This is where you come in.
These mothers depend on Santa and the magic of Christmas Miracles. These mothers depend on charity to keep the magic alive. These mothers depend on you.

‘Giving Tuesday’ is all about charity and giving to those that don’t have the means you do to give their families what you can give yours. There are so many ways to give to others. Toys for Tots is one of the most respected charities and also one that is dear to so many hearts. They have toy drop boxes nearly everywhere and take great pride in wrapping toys, clothing and warm winter coats for boys and girls of all ages.
Another option is to go to their website and make a monetary donation. Any amount is accepted and cherished, but a five dollar donation will also have Santa visiting you. That’s right. A minimum donation of five dollars will get you a present too, over and above the warm fuzzies you will get knowing you helped someone else. Simply email us a copy of your donation receipt and Santa will drop a present in your email Christmas morning.  

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