Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Story Teaser: Disillusion by Speklez

Well, I had EVERY intention of starting teasers over the weekend, but spotty internet due to a ton of rain, followed by back to back holiday concerts for the heathens, my intentions availed to naught. HOWEVER, the internet is back on track, the concerts are over, so now, in between "assisting" Santa with some gift wraping, let's get to some teasers! 

First up is a snippet of an original fiction, written by one of Santa's helpers that assists me on the blog - Speklez.

by Speklez

The underworld is meant to tempt and corrupt the mind and soul. The illusions were not picky in their selection. No one was safe from seeing the unseen.
When an illusion goes unstopped, a chain of events follow that turn the demonic society on its head and leaves everyone to question just how far Fate will go to tie two people together -- including nearly killing one of its own to see it happen.
After taking just one more moment to bask in the beauty of the vassal, Damon looked up the rock wall. It was too high for him to jump and make it, so he figured out quickly that he was going to have to fly. It was when he was slowly and delicately pulling Serenity into his arms that he was pulled back to the reality of his situation and that he wasted too much of the time he didn’t have. His father’s voice broke through the sound of crashing waves, loud and crystal clear terror assaulting his hearing.

“Damon! Watch out!”

Snapping his attention over his shoulder, Damon’s eyes went wide as a startled gasp slipped past his lips at the sight of a wave that was an easy three stories high coming right at him. Having no time to think, he reacted on instinct, pulling Serenity under him as he bent over her, his arm around her waist to keep her, hopefully, safely tucked away. However, in taking the time to protect her, he didn’t have enough to brace himself for the thunderous impact of the water as it crashed into him.

Taken off-guard by the strength, Damon was slammed into the rock face, one of his wings getting caught between him and the unforgiving wall. The shock from the cracking bone of his wing caused a cry to rip from his throat, a momentary loss of his sight, and horrifyingly, also lose his grip on Serenity. Left panting from the pain that radiated from his wing and shot down his back, he blinked to clear his vision, a softer cry coming out this time as he watched Serenity being pulled over the side of the outcrop.
Not gonna lie, the banner alone made me want to see more of this story! I'll be putting up another teaser sooner, so stayed tuned for more enticing little sneak peeks of other stories.  If you are interested in reading the rest of Disillusion, and all of the other fabulous stories that have been submitted for this year's compilation, you still have six days left to donate. Just a $5 minimum donation to Toys for Tots not only provides a gift to a child who otherwise might not have one, but it also puts you on Santa's Nice List - and ensures he delivers the compilation directly to your inbox for Christmas Day. 

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