Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Never Too Late

Happy Christmas Eve! 


It's time to pull out that list and check it twice. 

Cards mailed? 

Shopping done?  

Gifts wrapped? 

Cookies baked? 

Stockings hung by the chimney with care? 

And last, but not least - have you made your donation to Toys for Tots? 

We're down to the final few hours for donations - just a little over twelve hours to go. The busy elves at Christmas Wishes have been furiously scrambling around,  compiling all the stories and banners,  making last minute tweaks, and adding pretty little details to this year's compilation. Don't miss out on your opportunity to receive a copy. 

Just a $5 donation to Toys for Tots will not only help bring a smile to a child's face on Christmas morning, but it will also ensure that the 2013 Christmas Wishes Compilation is delivered to your inbox on Christmas Day. 

We're at about half of last year's donations total, and not even halfway to this year's goal. At this point, I'd be thrilled if we could match the first year's total of $750. I know the economy has been extremely hard, and I so appreciate everyone who was able to find a few dollars to donate. 

I'll check back in later with another update, and see if we can't get a couple more story snippets posted, too. 

Until later - 

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