Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Story Teaser: Home for Christmas by Jasper1863Hale

Home for Christmas was our first submission received this year, and  Jasper1863Hale has diligently supported our efforts every year that we've done the compilation - always ending her submission email with a note that she is on board for the next year, too. She probably keeps me more on task than anyone else - slipping me messages on Facebook to check on when sign-ups will start, teasing me with her story ideas, and just generally being awesome.

Home For Christmas
by Jasper1863Hale

Wrongly accused of shoplifting two days before Christmas, Carlisle takes punishing Jasper too far, resulting in the younger vampire running away. When the rest of the family get wind of what happened, they stand by the innocent party and turn their backs on Carlisle, who just wants his loved ones home for Christmas.
Realizing that his plan was no good, Jasper turned and tossed his passport onto the bed. He could just wait for Esme and Alice to come home from their shopping trip, but the chances of Carlisle making it back from work long before their arrival was a hundred percent, and the soldier didn’t think much of that at all. Even though Jasper was no stranger to punishments, even the more humane ones that his father and coven leader had adopted in order to keep his family in line, the actions of Carlisle toward him today had wounded the younger vampire—both physically and emotionally. There was no way that Jasper intended to wait for the patriarch to come home.

With his mind made up for a second time, Jasper crossed the room, moving toward the window, and pulled the sliding glass open to allow the winter breeze to swirl around him. If he chose to leave the house through the front door, Carlisle would smell him as soon as he returned home and would be more likely to follow him. Instead, Jasper jumped out of the window and landed on his feet with a faint hiss when the jarring caused his hide to ache. When he attempted another step, he walked with a limp into the trees, heading north away from his family home in Forks. 

I was so excited for this story, as the author typically does not write canon pairings. Even as someone whose favorite stories are non-canon, I loved it, and I hope you will, too. Only a few days left to ensure Santa delivers the Christmas Wishes compilation to you during his rounds. Don't forget to donate in between wrapping your holiday baking, shopping, and wrapping. 

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