Friday, December 20, 2013

Story Teaser: The Art of Deception By Speklez

Oh, fun for me. I get to be shameless and do a little self pimping. Last year was my first year donating to this amazing charity and this was one of the three stories I donated. Our fab Busymommy made the banner and I took the idea and ran with it. After many, many, MANY talks of the direction of the story, the plot was born and here we are with the second chapter of what was my first dance with slash. The Art of Deception was started in the Christmas Wishes compilation and here is where it lives on. 

The Art of Deception
by Speklez

It’s an art form getting people to think that everything they think to be true is anything but. However, no matter how you hide, how you ignore the burn of the lies that ignite a fire in your soul, in the end they always come out to destroy you.



We stayed like that for as he drank his coffee and waited for the medication to kick in. When he was finished, he leaned forward and set his cup back on the table before standing up, lacing his fingers together, and raising his arms above his head, stretching out his back.

Dropping his arms to his side, he turned to me, leaning forward and bracing himself on the back of the couch. “I going to go get a shower.” Dipping his head to mine, he pushed my head back with his forehead so it was lying on the back of the couch before pressing his lips to mine.

It was soft at first, but picked up in intensity when I pushed back against him, parting my lips at his request. I would never get tired of the sounds that came from the man above me. The soft moan at the first touch of our tongues would drive me wild every time I heard it. I would also never get tired of the feel of his fingers sliding into my hair, pulling at it to tilt my head the way he wanted.

He could call my hair stupid all he wanted, he knew he loved it. He also knew I knew it, too.

If I thought things were going to stop there, I was pleasantly surprised when he shifted his stance, using the leverage to push me to my back, and moving with me so the kiss wasn’t broken. I arched into him when he rolled his hips, his hand on my hip pulling me rougher against him.

When the kiss did break, Draco was panting, his steel eyes dark and hard as slate boring into mine. His voice was deep and rough. “Bedroom.”

Is it hot in here, or is it just me? *giggles*

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